Brandicorp has and continues to operate multiple restaurant franchises for the past three decades. We understand the vital role that real estate plays in the profitable opertation of a restaurant. Our team leverages their experience to execute developments situated on high-traffic roads, to ensure ease of ingress and egress for smooth traffic patterns to capture market demand.

Chick-Fil-A in Ft. Wright, KY

Property Details

  • 1.36 Acres
  • 67 Parking Spaces

Brandicorp leveraged market knowledge to identify and assemble three parcels adjacent to another Brandicorp restaurant property and create a well-positioned site along KY-17, the high-traffic corridor that runs north-south through Northern Kentucky.


The resulting site – 1.36 acres, easily accessible and highly visible from KY-17 that attracted interest from Chick-Fil-A. They viewed the site as an opportunity to enter the market and satisfy the demand for convenient food options to complement the nearby retail and office supply. 


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